'Grandma Dolphin' Print


'Grandma Dolphin' Print

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Grandma Dolphin is one of my newer pieces. This artwork shows an elderly dolphin who has been so kind to bake us a cake! She even wrote 'not poison' on the top of it. In the background there are a couple of interesting things like knives, potions, and dried herbs. It does feature a Home sweet home sign to maybe distract you from her intentions? 

I created this piece with the idea that people may not appear as they seem. It's okay to trust and love who you want, but just keep in mind the consequences that could happen if you choose not to read the red flags given in plain sight. 


All prints are printed on Epson Premium Presentation Matte Paper from my home Epson Ecotank ET 8550 Printer. Each print is hand signed by me and packaged in a cello pouch to prevent from any damage in transit. 

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