About the Artist

Hey there! As you are aware, I'm Keisha! I was born in 1991 and I am from Tennessee (USA).

I have always been invested in the arts ever since I can remember. As a kid I have always doodled on everything and even had the opportunity to paint my room any color I wanted. I've always felt like an off beat individual from a young age and that has reflected in my art over time.

I grew up in a small town were I felt like an outcast. Just imagine HotTopic Tripp pants with chains, band tshirts (Mostly Marilyn Manson or SOAD), a ton of eyeliner of all different colors, different colored hair, and up to your elbows in random bracelets. (such as jelly bands, and even shower curtain rings). That was basically my aesthetic. Back then most would label me as the 'Goth or Emo' type. And in Tennessee I was considered a 'freak show'.

Being in that category, I didn't really have a ton of friends or people I could turn to about what I was feeling emotionally. So I turned to the next best thing, art! As silly as that sounds It really taught me how to create my own world that made me truly fulfilled and made all my silly childhood problems disappear.

I hit a snag in my early 20s where I was constantly reminded that 'Art was not a job' and that it would ultimately get me nowhere. I tried to go to college for other things, such as graphic design, computer science, and even animation. I went through the motions of college, but nothing ever made me as fulfilled as art did. I tried to hide that for a long time, to make others 'happy'. It was a hard lesson to learn. I was at my lowest point in life.

I met a guy at one of my old dead end jobs around when I was 23. Long story short. He changed my life. He was completely supportive of the artistic lifestyle I longed for and let me unapologetically be the artist I wanted to be. We were married June of 2020.

As an adult now, I wouldn't trade my path for anything in the world. I have been painting on and off for about 20 years in total. However, in the last 5 I have really committed to my craft as a traditional acrylic painter. I have spent countless hours learning about shadow, depth, color, and all the basics of art. Which has helped morph me into the painter I am today.

I absolutely love the work I create and let all my pieces tell a story. I don't really have favorite brands or products. I've always just used what was available. I hope my artworks spark an emotion in you and that you love them just as much as I have enjoyed making them.