'Cyclops Mermaid' Print


'Cyclops Mermaid' Print

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Cyclops Mermaid was a piece I actually made a couple years ago while I was learning my art style and what that could look like. I allowed myself to create anything I wanted without overthinking. This beauty was born. It is still one of my favorite pieces as I have such a positive feeling when I look at it. I've fallen in love with the color pallet and the idea this creature may not be able to see any of it. 

Sometimes we may be blind to see the beauty around us, but that doesn't mean it's not there. Take time for yourself and always remember to admire everything around you.


All prints are printed on Epson Premium Presentation Matte Paper from my home Epson Ecotank ET 8550 Printer. Each print is hand signed by me and packaged in a cello pouch to prevent from any damage in transit. 

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